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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 13, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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peratures are cold and the moisture approaches. the setup is in place for snow or sleet early tomorrow morning. that's why the national weather service large part of the metro area extending northeast to baltimore and southwest to the west side of the potomac, winter weather advisory from 4:00 a.m. to noon. the temperatures will get even colder. drop from the 20's into the teens by morning. 15 to 23 degrees. we expect the moisture and falling snow and sleet to move in from the south towards the metro area. about 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. with the ground so cold and the area colder a little bit of snow and a little bit of sleet can make one heck of a mess driving. so as far as the amount, north and west of the city see flurries but in the metro area trace to an inch of snow and a little farther south and southwest over to the eastern shore, maybe one to two inches of a combination of snow and sleet. it will clear out in the afternoon. during the hours and early morning, that could cause some problems. more about that potential in just a few minutes, maureen?
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>> thank you, doug. new information tonight about smoke in the metro station that led to the death of one woman and injured dozens. right now about 12 people are still in the hospital and the investigation is just beginning. horace holmes is live from the l'enfant plaza metro station in southwest washington with the latest. horace? >> maureen, as you just told us just a couple of minutes ago the d.c. medical examiner's office late this afternoon released the identity of that woman who was killed in this incident here at the l'enfant plaza metro station. her name and we do have a picture of her also that we'll put up on the screen carol glover 61 years old from alexandria virginia we've been in touch with her family. they say that she was making her way home from work downtown here yesterday to alexandria when unfortunately, she was trapped in that metro car with dozens and dozens of other people. right now the ntsb is in charge of the investigation into
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exactly what happened here. >> they said we got to leave. >> timothy white and his friend were on the l'enfant plaza platform yesterday and watched the yellow line train pull through and then smoke, i says, filled the station. >> just seeing the spot and wanted to change left the station. and just smoke going all the way up the whole platform. >> within minute smoke filled the metro train also. they were on that train and shot cell phone video and still pictures of the frightening minutes when they and the other passengers were trapped inside. >> had to actually focus on just breathing. how i blocked everybody else out and i was just trying to focus on breathing. that's how harsh the air was. >> i don't know why they didn't let us to open the doors maybe. >> they say it was nearly an hour before firefighters arrived
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to lead them off the train and through the tunnel. just 800 feet back to l'enfant plaza platform. and then outside to waiting paramedics. today, as ntsb and metro investigators begin to piece together what happened here, many metro riders cautiously return to the trains. >> i feel a little scared going down right now. so i don't know. just going to chance it. i got to get home. >> i don't think what happened yesterday is going to recur. >> at least you hope not. >> i hope not. >> and back here live at the l'enfant plaza station as you can see the station is open right now. the yellow line though metro says is closed and will continue to be closed. that train that was 800 -- stopped 800 feet outside of the station is still there while the ntsb and metro continues their investigation. horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> thank you horace. as horace just mentioned, the d.c. medical examiner identified the woman who died in
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yesterday's incident as carol glover. she was 61 years old and she was from alexandria. next, our washington hospital center says two people remained hospitalized. one is in serious and the other in fair condition. medstar treated 18 of the more than 80 people sent to area hospitals. dr. jeffrey shoop said swollen airways caused by the smoke made it hard for people to breathe. >> i think most of the patients are still a little shaken up from what happened. but everyone seemed to be thankful to see their family. only time will tell how they'll do -- >> dr. shoop also said people with smoke inhalation could experience coughing and shortness of breath during the next week or so. he said no patients suffered burns from yesterday's incident. we spoke with many people today including d.c. mayor muriel bowser who said they are less worried about the smoke involved in yesterday's incident and more
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concerned about how metro responded. d.c. bureau chief sam ford continues our coverage tonight from southwest. sam? >> yes, maureen. well, we're outside l'enfant plaza station as well. a lot of these are shuttle buses that take people or sips the yellow line is out, take them from here over to the pentagon. one of these transfer stations, a man who came here to transport yesterday was among those who ended up at the hospital. he relived the situation with us today and raised questions about how metro handled this crisis. the call to evacuate the l'enfant plaza metro station came much too late forro rider who is a street videographer who still shows life and death on d.c.'s streets. today he's wearing bandages from yesterday's hospital trip.
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the smoke came as he was changing trains and metro worker at first does nothing. >> the smoke went to the track and everybody was standing there. we didn't know what to do. we were waiting on them to tell us what the best move will be. putting in the hands of the people that run the system. i figured that they were the professionals and they know whether or not it's dangerous or not, you know, because smoke was at the bottom you know what i'm saying at first it was at the bottom. people standing there, we kept going out there and he doesn't know what's going on. >> the smoke was so thick, he could barely see or breathe. train still came into the station and stopped. he said by this time metro workers are telling people to leave and don't panic. >> terrorist threats that we've been getting and i was like wow, maybe this might be the connection. and i said i better get my butt up out of here. that's when i started panicking. a flashlight. they have no plans. there's no plan in place.
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you know, there could have been a terrorist attack and it could have been gas in there that killed everybody. >> he managed to get to the up escalator but said as he fled other people were descending into the station. nobody was in place to stop it. >> mosley said before it was over, he was coughing vomiting and riding in an ambulance with two other people to george washington hospital. he was among those who were released. metro today would not comment at all referring all questions to the ntsb which was not returning our phone calls. reporting live from southwest washington, sam ford abc 7 news. >> thank you sam. stay with abc 7 and throughout the evening for the latest information on the metro investigation. you can also follow us on facebook and twitter for updates. this just in a judge sentenced david goldberg to eight years in prison for stabbing two people
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outside the western montgomery mall. last august jurors found goldberg guilty of nine counts connected to the 2013 road rage attacks. prosecutors said goldberg stabbed rachel peterson and herp fiance during a dispute over who had the right-of-way. goldberg's 2-year-old daughter was in the vehicle at the time of the confrontation. a federal judge denied bond for former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. mcdonnell petitioned to remain free while he appealed his corruption conviction. but u.s. district court judge james spencer denied the request today. that means mcdonnell could begin his two-year prison sentence as soon as february 9th. new at 6:00 new information about senate minority leader harry reid's recovery after he suffered a serious injury in an exercising accident. and water mains are being repaired in hyattsville at this very hour. when they will be finished and the water
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>> the federal judge dismissed a lawsuit alleging groundwater pollution at fort deitrick affected the development value of nearby private land. the waverly view investors asked for $37 million in damages but a judge ruled that waverly failed to show the defense department environmental directives stopped
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the army from burying certain toxic chemicals in pits on the land. also new tonight, the senate minority leader harry reid says he will not attend a white house meeting with other congressional leaders. reid is recovering from a serious accident on new year's day. he broke several bones and suffered serious damage to his right eye. doctors hope his sight will be returned and ordered him to stay home. a spokesperson said president obama called tuesday's meeting to look for common ground with g.o.p. leaders. a new tool to help find missing children in our area and across the country. facebook announced it is partnering with the national center for missing and exploited children to send amber alerts to users. when law enforcement issues an amber alert, a message will pop up on the newsfeed if you live in the search area. new at 6:00 winter weather alert for wednesday morning commute. what you need to know in doug's full forecast next.
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>> i'm robert burton coming up in sports no biggie. just the againing world champs here at verizon tonight. talk a little bit about that plus national title stuff. yeah, as abc 7 news at 6:00 continues.
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>> developing news out of arlington tonight where crews are making repairs to a water main. the 12 inch main broke at south lee road and four mile run before noon today. arlington water tells us that about 150 customers are affected. right now, several lanes in the area are closed for repairs and, of course, you're urged to avoid them. we're also keeping an eye on a water main break in hyattsville at this hour. about 25 homes on baltimore avenue do not have water and it could be hours before the main is fixed. richard reid is live in the neighborhood tonight. what's the prospect there now? >> maureen, they're working right now. they're actually dealing with two different types. this water main break has left a huge mess. >> it's about time for a redo.
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>> are fighting against time and mother nature. >> 80 years. >> actually this broken 12 inch water main is 90 years old and showing its age. >> fluctuation in temperature and an old pipe is the recipe for a water main break. >> they say between 6:20 and 10:30 monday night, an estimated three million gallons of high pressure water spewed on baltimore avenue and left the taps at this man's house. >> don't shower. >> and 24 others dry as a bone. >> >> whole lot of things that are breaking in society, highways bridges and etc. and i guess we just don't get to them until they break. >> all that water left a huge mess on streets, driveways, small park even a creek. >> a little bit angry. >> and in michael collins' grandmother's house. >> it did flow up in her driveway and came down the steps under the door and into the
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basement. >> meanwhile, wssc has supplied customers with bottled water until the taps begin flowing again. >> this house was 1935. >> that was richard reid reporting. i guess the weather combined with age have made a lot o problems. >> indeed. water main breaks teens and low 20's in the morning. a lot to jump into it and talk about the new winter weather advisory in effect for the possibility of some snow and sleet beginning maybe4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. the metro area and then it stretche west side of the potomac through stafford and spotsylvania counties over towards anne arundel county and towards the baltimore area. it's not a lot that we're talking about here. a little bit.
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key to the temperatures, 23 in gaithersburg. 27 in martinsburg. 27 near andrews air force base and these temperatures are going to drop tonight between 15 and 22 degrees. that's the low temperature. northerly wind brings in the cold air. it will become cloudy tonight and by 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning, that snow and mix of sleet will be developing spreading in from the south. our futurecast gives a hint on this version that about 5:00 a.m., have some bands of snow that start moving liquid. more in the bay. a little farther south, some sleet. that will be kind of the thing to watch until about 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning. after that skies should brighten and by the rest of the day, especially by tomorrow afternoon, we'll have some sunshine. it will be cold. highs near 32 degrees. big question is how much not much. we're talking only flurries in the far northern and western suburbs suburbs suburbs. we get this little area where there could be a trace or an inch of snow. maybe more of a generalized mix of snow and sleet in southern
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maryland and the eastern shore. these are not impressive accumulations but the key is timing early in the morning. 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 in the morning, snow possible sleet and cold dry surfaces. that combination, that combination enough can cause a lot of difficulty driving. remember, yesterday morning, we had the freezing rain issues concerns when everybody got down into freezing in the metro area. tomorrow morning, it will be 15 to 23 degrees so every flake has the potential to stick. as far as the timing goes once we get through 9:00 that should be that. it should taper off. hit 32 with sunshine in the afternoon. let's take a look at the next seven days. after we get through our issues in the morning and we still carry this at 50% probability. steve rudin will get look at new computer model runs around 9 e -- 9:00 tonight. self-limiting event. clearing tomorrow afternoon and thursday and friday nice warmup in the low 40's with sunshine. 44 on saturday. and round out the dr. martin
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luther king jr. holiday on monday. partly cloudy with 43 degrees. early start to "good morning washington" tomorrow morning, 4:00 a.m. join the whole team and they'll let you know everything you need to about the snow and sleet headed to town. >> thank you. we'll be waiting for that. robert burton waiting for you live at the verizon center. what's going on? >> well nothing much. wizards going to try to make a statement against the defending world champs. to do that they'll have to do something about the spurs' big three. tim duncan gnoboli and tony parker. not an easy task. we'll talk wizards and purrs after the break.
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>> we're live here at where the winds could make a statement against the defending world champion san antonio spurs and a little revenge as well. last meeting a 101-92 loss. well, they can definitely make a statement. and it doesn't get any easier tonight. we're talking about the spurs. five titles in the last 15 years. the wiz have any chance tonight at the phone booth, well they need a championship caliber performance. >> very, very unselfish team. a lot of back door cuts.
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you know playing basketball the right way as most people would say so we got to be focused. we got to stay consistent with our coverages. so it's always fun to play against a team like that because you can see where you are playing against you know former champions. so we're going to be able to try to bounce back and it definitely helps to play a team with the same style that we just played. >> all right. switching gears now, first college football championship last night. and ohio state put oregon to bed with the final score of 42-20 and there was no stopping ohio state running back elliott. how about this? 36 carries, 246 yards with four touchdowns. definitely the m.v.p. of last night's matchup. here's urban meyer on what a great game it was. >> that was great for college football. and i think we all -- any conversations ever going to be made about playoffs about this great game the first thing that
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needs to be with student athlete. put on an incredible show. >> and getting back to hoops, the hoyas are back at it tonight. some big east action against depaul. uconn is looking to bounce back after an upsetting loss to providence. the hoyas can win at number 11 if they can beat a 9-8 blue demons team. back here to verizon, hopefully the wiz can pull a rabbit out of their hand against the defending world champion san antonio spurs. back to you in the studio. >> thanks so much robert. >> winter weather advisory for metro area starts at 4:00 a.m. new model guidance tonight, steve rudin will take a look at that tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. latest impacts and updates for you. >> thank doug. "world news tonight" with david muir is co
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on this tuesday night, new images of the horror at our nation's capital. >> stay calm. please do not open the doors. >> the underground commute that turns deadly. the crowded train. peakers choking on smoke. our reporter is there. also tonight, the urgent new warning from the feds about bombs on passenger planes. they warn many airports will not be able to detect them. breaking news when it comes to your taxes, your refunds.s obtains an alarming e-mail tonight from inside the irs. the car-jacking, the 3-year-old boy in the backseat. he answers his mother's cell phone. and the rescue at sea. a cruise ship passenger earl overboard. the ship keeps going. bobbing in the ocean on his own, and you won't believe what happens next. good evening. we're back from texas tonight,


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